Building your email list is important to the growth of your business. The sooner you start, the better it is for you and your business. The email list is one of the biggest assets of any online business. After all, the email list will help your business to generate revenue. You can map the growth of your business with the growth of its email list.

When you have just started a business, your list will be small or insignificant. Building a good quality email list takes time. Even if you have a big email list, it will depreciate by 25% every year. You need to not only add new users to your list, but retain existing users as well.

Art Of Email List Growth will help you build your email list fast. You will learn a simple list building framework that will boost your email sign-ups. In addition, you will learn from the experience of world's top email marketers and entrepreneurs.


What you will learn in this book

Email list growth framework for building massive list fast.

How world's best marketers grow their businesses using email list.

Proven tips, techniques and guidance for fast returns.

Learn from the experience of experts

Moosa Hemani
John Doherty
Kapil Sharma
Nate Shivar
David Schneider
Darric Haynie
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Who Should Read This Book


If you are a blogger then you will learn to convert your visitors into loyal readers.


If you want to optimize conversion funnel & increase ROI from emails, this book is for you.

Product Managers

Learn to engage, convert and retain users every time you launch product features.

Marketing Managers

If you are doing email marketing, this book will take it to next level

Growth Hackers

Hack your own or client projects by copying the list building techniques from the book


You will get insights on growing your email list and chance to network with other entrepreneurs.


There is a lot of free email marketing advice online. So the problem becomes curating the good from the bad - and finding tips that matter to you. The Art of Email List Growth solves that problem. Lokesh has done the work to curate and explain all the random tips into a useful book that you can read & apply right away.
Lokesh gives you an insanely detailed breakdown of all aspects of attracting prospects to your website and converting them into passionate email subscribers. And more than just the theory, he lays out tons of great examples to learn from.
Growing your email list is THE most important thing you can do as a blogger or online business owner. The Art Of Email List Growth is a comprehensive book on real world tips and tricks to get your going. If you follow these guidelines, you'll be well ahead of the curve!
With care and attention, Lokesh has pulled together some great minds and insights that any business can benefit from. This is a great primer on what works with email marketing, and is sure to inspire ideas and light a fire in marketers to get on top of their email. The opportunity is huge, and Lokesh has done a good job of making it clear.
If you are looking to get more ROI out of your email list or starting one from scratch this is the book you need!
What Lokesh has created with the Art of Email List Growth is the most complete resource I have ever seen about building, maintaining, growing, and monetizing an email list. Drawing on his years of experience building companies, Lokesh's book with educate and inspire you to build your own business using email marketing. Well done, Lokesh!
The book is very detailed and very valuable for anyone who is looking to learn email marketing from basics. The best part about the book is that it not only gives you theory lessons but it will give you the words of many experts who have spent years in email marketing. This book worth every penny because you will not only learn the skill step-by-step but you will get chances to build connections with experts that are mentioned in the book.
There's a lot of valuable information packed into this ebook. Just the tips shared in the interview section will be enough to skyrocket your email list.


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Who is this book for?

This book is valuable for any one who runs or manages internet business. If you are leveraging email marketing or intend to do, then you will get lot of benefit from the book. Book can be read by bloggers, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing managers or wantrapreneurs alike.

Which package should I buy?

While it depends on your budget, I would recommend you to buy the highest-value package. This is because it will help you most and give you extra resources for your email list growth. However, even if you just buy the book, you will get lot of benefit. Book has more than 100 pages of actionable tips and advice.

Tell me more about the website review & skype call with Lokesh.

I will review your website and suggest improvements for email list growth and retention. Review will be done before the skype call, so that improvements can be discussed during call. You can discuss your email marketing challenges as well as any business growth problems.

Tell me more about the Facebook Mastermind Group.

Facebook Mastermind Group is a private group of entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers, startup founders like you. Group members share resources, doubts and best practices on email marketing, list building and general business growth. You can network with fellow members and leverage it for your business growth.

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Both plugin licenses are valid for 1 year. You will get support from our partner vendors.

How many support questions can I ask on email?

You can ask any number of questions during the supported time period. However due to the sheer volume of queries, you should expect average response time of 24-48 hours.

How does life time free update work?

Book will be updated time to time with new information, examples, case studies and interviews. You will get notification as and when update is available.

What if I'm not satisfied?

If after purchase and reading the book you feel you have not received value, just send an email to lokesh [at] within 7 days of your purchase. You will get your full refund.

How can I upgrade to higher plan?

Just send an email to lokesh [at] and I will send details for balance payment.

If I still have more questions, who should I contact?

Just send an email to lokesh [at]

About Author


Lokesh Gupta

Lokesh is a startup specialist and growth hacker. He has 12 years of experience in running and managing startups. Over last 10 years he has started multiple ventures in consumer internet space.

He has worked with top internet companies in India and Europe and helped them scale to millions of users across the globe.

As the ex-CTO of (leading email service provider), He helped scale SendinBlue to more than 100,000 clients across the world.

He holds a dual degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (India) and MBA from Sunstone Business School, India.